Photos from the Firebat

Firebat in 2000
Firebat in 2000
Firebat in 2003

LACoFDThirty-six years in the retirement system at LACoFD



"Ruff & Tuff"

My favorite driver,
Jeff Gordon.
Go Jeff, GO!


"Resorte' Adios Elay" in Sugar Springs, Michigan
("Resort Goodbye L.A.")

The 'old' "Resorte' Adios Elay"

The 'new' "Resorte' Adios Elay"

Recent Photos

Pray for snow & Let's GO!

More snow! The sleds are ready to go; are YOU?

A view from Lake Lancer of "Resorte' Adios Elay"

"Digging out after another batch of snow!"

"A look down the street before the plows mess it up!"