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Sugar Springs

The ol' storage barn on Grass Lake Rd., two miles from the new home on Keswick Ct. in Sugar Springs.
At the present time, I'm spending a lot of time (and money!) fixing up my ol' storage barn. When it was originally built, the understructure supporting the second floor was 'extremely minimal,' to say the least. With the help of a neighbor, we've added over twenty 2x12" laminated beams supported on 4x6" posts. It seems to have really 'stabilized' the second floor, and will now allow for considerable added weight.

I'm still sifting and sorting through all the crap I brought to Sugar Springs from California. Without question, I am the world's biggest 'Pack Rat!'

There is still a lot of 'detail work' to complete on the new home, too. Little by little, it's getting finished. The new home is going to be a neat place to finish-out my days on this Earth. I love it in Michigan!
The Hearth Restaurant, where Rodney used to work...
Also, in Sugar Springs, I can't seem to let go of my tendency to be an 'advocate' for the 'little guy.' Last October, the Sugar Springs Property Owners Association (SSPOA) Board of Directors and General Manager fired our Restaurant Manager, Rodney Ash, at the Clubhouse.

At his request, I sat in as a witness during the Board's so-called 'investigative hearing.' What a sham! During that hearing, it was my opinion that no information was presented that warranted his termination! As such, I've been assisting him ever since, in trying to obtain some 'justice' for his, I believe, wrongful termination. (Shades of my activities at Fire Fighters Local 1014!)

All the documentation we've been able to get our hands on, has been thoroughly reviewed by a reputable law firm in Saginaw. (I've been his "letter writer" in building his potential claim in court.) After the review, his lawyers have determined that he does, in fact, have valid legal claims against those who have wronged him. No lawsuit(s) have been filed at the present time, however, he still has plenty of time pursuant to the statues of limitation to file at a later date.

The 'saga' continues...

 Traveling Around...

A panoramic view of Darlington Raceway...
With the 2008 NASCAR season underway, and I'm preparing to head down to the famous Darlington Raceway in Darlington, SC in May. This track is also known as "The Lady in Black" because the fastest groove around the track is right up next to the wall. With all the drivers trying to get around the track as fast as they can, it doesn't take long before the wall is "blacked out" from their tires rubbing against it.

If anyone is interesting in a couple of Darlington tickets, I've got some good seats for the face value on the tickets. Get hold of me via my Contact page.

In March, we were at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, TN for the Spring races there. This track has been dubbed, "The World's Fastest Half Mile" and without question, it does provide some of the best auto racing anywhere! The Cup race was a good one, too. It looked like it was going to be Tony Stewart (#20) in Victory Lane, but on the last lap, Jeff Burton (#31) jumped to the front after Kevin Harvick (#29) slide up into Tony, spinning him down onto the apron after smacking the outside wall. It ended up being a "1-2-3 Finish" for Richard Childress Racing (RCR), Finishing behind Burton was Harvick and Clint Bowyer (#07). Great racing, though!

Bristol tickets are hard to get, but fortunately during my racing travels, I'd met and become close friends with retired Lexington, KY police sergeant, Mike Roe. He's a huge NASCAR fan, too, and has a side business of putting NASCAR trips together. I'm fortunate to be able to get some of Mike's season tickets to Bristol. It's a great spectator track; there isn't a bad seat in the place!
Bristol Card Display - we were part of this 'monster' display last season.
Bristol Motor Speedway at night...