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Firebat"Hello!" My name is Steve Johnson. I'm a native of southern California. In 1962, I graduated from high school then enlisted and served in the U.S. Navy for three years during the Viet Nam War. In 1966, I began a 36-year career in the fire service, retiring as a fire captain with the Los Angeles County Fire Department in 1999. (My three years in the Navy are included as part of my fire service.)

In 2000, I discovered a neat place called Sugar Springs in center of Michigan's Lower Peninsula. It is located near Gladwin, West Branch and Houghton Lake. I moved to Sugar Springs in December 2000, living there with "Ruff & Tuff," two kitty cats who were rescued from the local animal shelter. Eventually, I brought "Cujo" from California, who was rescued from the Huntington Beach, California animal shelter, to live with us. Sadly, Cujo passed away in February, 2006. I still miss him a lot! Without a doubt, moving to Michigan has been great for me! I wanted to live where there were four real seasons. After 55 years, I was tired of California's four seasons: 'Floods', 'Fires', 'Earthquakes' and 'Riots!' Wintertime in Michigan is my favorite season of all - pray for snow! Let's go snowmobiling!

My #1 hobby is auto racing. My racing roots date back to my early childhood when my Dad worked for Frank Kurtis of Kurtis-Kraft midget fame. Later, I got involved in sprint car racing as an official in various capacities - with the California Racing Assn. (CRA) and the Sprint Car Racing Assn. (SCRA) during the late 70's, 80's and early 90's. In 1997, I attended my first NASCAR race - the Daytona 500. Naturally, I cheered for Jeff Gordon because he was the only driver I knew - going back to the days when he raced sprint cars with us in the CRA. "Go Jeff, GO!" (Actually, I like all the drivers, especially the Hendrick Motorsports guys.)

More recently, I've moved into a new, custom-built home in Sugar Springs. It was a true 'labor of love' during the two years it took to complete the home! On the Photos page, you'll find some photos of both the 'old' "Resorte' Adios Elay" taken soon after moving to Michigan, and the 'new' "Resorte' Adios Elay" taken in July, 2007. As time permits, I'll add some more photos. It's been a 'dream home come true!' The most exciting 'room' in the new home is the master shower - dubbed "The Human Car Wash" because it has 21 water outlets plus a steam generator!

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Very best to all,

Steve "Firebat" Johnson
Sugar Springs, Michigan